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Project Runway is getting very frustrating for me. Santino is STILL on! Even after he ignored everything about the project that he should've paid attention to. They ousted Emmett, whose dress did lack originality, BUT a couple of weeks ago they kept Marla even when she basically copied a dress that was previously worn by the client. I'm getting irritated. And hubbie has taken to using Heidi Klum's "good-bye" she gives everyone ("Auf Wiedersehen"). I heard him say it to Lucy as he was leaving this morning. Poor dog isn't even used to English!

Also, I didn't sleep very well last night. And I woke up this morning to Lucy licking her tags. She does this often lately, ever since we got her an extra ID tag at DisneyWorld (a Mickey face on one side and her info on the other. Mickey's face is almost totally gone now.). Yes, now the poor little thing has basically a charm bracelet around her neck, but she keeps cleaning them, which makes A LOT of noise. She knows how to use her collar to generate attention.

The Modo Dea scarf has been put on hold...Work has been crazy. I'm SO behind on a deadline...

Still need to figure out what I'm going to do with my studio. It's a mess of boxes. I think I'll work on some art stuff this weekend at the kitchen table, ie, my former art table. I need to work on a birthday project for my mum. Will post when it gets done...But first order of biz is the Year of the Dog promo...See, I'm SO behind on EVERYTHING! Yes, I'm totally pouting...The TV is the devil!

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