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Hubby and I went to IKEA today...started discussing our house and how we can make some interior improvements. I mentioned that I had been thinking about combining my "art" studio and office into one but the only thing that's stopping me is that the room I'd do it in is so hot in the summer. We'd need to have someone come in and rework the air conditioning system so that it's cooler back there. He agreed. He was totally fine with it and I was so glad. My "art" and biz are starting to intertwine more, so it makes sense. Plus, it'd get me further away from the TV and  MSNBC. A definite good thing.

So, I need to put together some numbers, but I really want to do it. That room needs an overhaul anyway, so paint, flooring, new blinds, and a closet reorganization are in order. I can totally get into this! :-)

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