Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Welcome, November!}

With October gone, in comes preparations for the holidays. So much to do over the next few weeks! I've decided to take the week of Thanksgiving off, just so I can work on Christmas gifts and try to get more work done to my studio...

I've been wanting to work in my journal, but haven't been able to this past week. SO, I will show you some pages that are in progress:

A page from Anahata's class a few weeks ago. I haven't done anything more to it since the class, but I know there's more to be done eventually:


My intention page for the journal: (I still have to solidify the writing. It's in pencil right now, but I need to go over it with a Pitt pen, or Souffle, or colored pencil...)


And hopefully, I will have much more to show in the next couple of days since I plan to do some work in my journals this afternoon...

Hope all is going well wherever you may be! Happy Thursday!