Dawn DeVries Sokol


He ' s BACK!

RustyRusty, our lovely little cockapoo (mom's dog) is back at our house for a couple of days. He's gotten a little bigger! (Sorry for the red eye. This photo makes him look a little demonic...) Look at that mop of hair! I think he's also gotten a little more mature...

And Lucy, since Rusty's been here, has been looking like this (below)...Yup, that's her. Sad in her kennel. She's pretty much been staying there since he's been here. I had to really encourage her just to leave her kennel this morning to go outside and do her thing...


I feel so bad. She isn't having any fun... She DID play with him last night, but he doesn't know when to quit...

And will I EVER be glad when this day is over! I'm so sick of the election stuff. The phone calls, the TV ads. This has been the worst ever...BUT, if you're unhappy with the way this country is run—even if you're not—get out and vote! It's so important and is definitely one of the wonderful things about being a citizen of this country.

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