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{Mystery Comment}

It's not often that I reply directly to a comment made on my blog IN a post. But this one has me stumped and I'd like some answers.

Quite some time ago, I talked about my father, his influence on my life and his passing. I opened up quite a bit because I wanted to share about the man whose love and guidance so shaped me. I received quite a few lovely comments from readers. But there's one that I just got today that I just don't understand. It was left on my Blogger blog and was written by an anonymous reader. (A post that I had written in June, mind you.) Now I don't mind it when commenters remain anonymous. Yet this one leaves me wishing they had left a name. Because they talk as if they knew my dad. If they did, that's one thing, but if they didn't, it's a really sick joke.

Here's the comment. (I ask that whoever left this note reveal yourself. Thanks.)

                  Anonymous said...            

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I always liked him
for his sense of humor and honesty. I pray that you mother is doing


12/04/2006 04:12:41 PM

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