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Too cool...


Last week the mail lady rang our doorbell. "You've got registered mail," she said. "US? We NEVER get registered mail!" She said, "Really?" looking surprised.

She handed me the package, which was oh-so-cool with twine, and so many postage stamps and a cool wax seal....It was from our Peace Corps friends in Kazakhstan...containing all the little goodies you see above. The knits are a really cool pair of Kurdish socks that I laid claim to immediately. (Couldn't fit them on my scanner. But they fit my feet!)  Our friend explained in the letter that the triangles are necklaces with a pocket in which you place a written wish or prayer. By wearing it close to your heart it will hopefully come true. The pins, charms and bracelets all have an eye symbol and by wearing them you are warding off The Evil Eye. If you wear one of these and it breaks, it means that someone tried to give you the Evil Eye and the charm protected you.

Let me say, I didn't even want to unwrap the package, it was so cool. What a treasure! J., if you're reading this, THANKS SO MUCH! Come home safe...we miss you!

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