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I need a crash course in html. GOD! I finally got the banner up there, which took forever. I'm sure there's still something screwy in the code...And yes, that's Lucy in her New Year's hat...

Well, the Olympics so far have been a yawner...Not that I don't like the Olympics, I do! But NBC's coverage leaves a lot to be desired. Where are all the cool profiles of the athletes? And not just US athletes, but the Russians, the Chinese, the Italians, the Swedish, etc.? Why can't we watch MORE athletes compete other than the American favorites? NBC really didn't put much effort into these Games, and it's a big disappointment. If I were the IOC, I'd be so angry!

Haven't gotten to the scarf yet...still working away. Can't believe I even took a break to try to figure out this banner thing! :)

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