Dawn DeVries Sokol


The morning after...

Watched Project Runway last night. Can I just say that Santino floored me with his Tim Gunn impression? How funny was that? I have been annoyed with the producers for being obvious in their love for Santino, but he was very amusing. Is he actually returning back to earth? He showed us a sense of humor, which was so nice!

Kara's dress was beautiful as was Chloe's. I would have had a difficult time if I had been one of the judges. Daniel's won, though, not just because it was one of the best, but because he used more color than anyone else. I really thought Kara's had a chance. Her attention to detail was exquisite. But I don't think the producers wanted to give her the immunity on the next challenge. And Andrae was out, which wasn't a huge surprise. His was the most lackluster.

It's getting very interesting!

On a side note, I've noticed WE TV is trying to compete with Project Runway by running "Style with Rachel Hunter" a somewhat copy of the Project Runway idea. All I have to say is, keep trying...

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