Dawn DeVries Sokol


" Mom, it ' s Me! Your DAUGHTER! "

OK, it was funny just now. I'm reading through some blogs, starting my morning, when my cell rings. I first thought that maybe it's a client. I have one who likes to call me on my cell; I don't know why. Anyways, I picked it up, looked at it and it said "Mom's Cell". Of course, I get a little nervous because my mom rarely calls me on my cell. She calls me on the home phone. PLUS, she's usually at work this time of day and doesn't call until the afternoon. So I answered, and she said, "Donna?" and I said, "No, it's your daughter." Then she said, "Oh, is Donna there? This is Evie." I said, "No, Mom, it's your daughter." A pause, then "Oh, Dawn, Donna, they're right next to each other in my list...I was trying to call Donna...Sorry!" I said "OK..." Then she said, "BYE!" and that was it... :-)

Happy Monday!

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