Dawn DeVries Sokol


It ' s been WAY too long

<a Wow, the week has gone by fast. So much on the work plate right now. Spent the weekend designing a 128-page book...Got 125 pages done! Which is why I haven't written...

So looking forward to Project Runway's big finale this week! I wasn't impressed with Daniel's or Chloe's collections. Santino's was stunning. Interesting...

And the Olympics ended with a big, dull thud. Too bad. Used to like them a lot!

Gotta get ready for Artfest. I've ordered supplies that I didn't have for classes and now need to make trades...Boy, it's creeping up!

Oh, and if you like crochet, check out Stitch N Bitch: The Happy Hooker...it has some GREAT patterns in it. I want to crochet now!

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