Dawn DeVries Sokol


On the Runway

Chloe won...I liked her stuff throughout the season but didn't like her collection. None of them wowed me. Santino's, I thought, was actually the best...And the judges are such hypocrits, telling Santino he played it safe when they told him the whole season to tone it down....

Chloe was on the Today show this morning. When asked what her favorite piece of the prize was, she said the car. Hmmm. That's interesting...

I think this season's collections didn't hold a candle to Kara Saun's and Jay's from last season. They were extremely innovative. Give me Kara Janx's collection any day. Bravotv.com has the video of her collection shown. Watch it. Definitely should have been one of the top three and the winner overall. I love the knitted hats, the consistency and creativity of the collection. She does rock! Kara Janx, I want one of those hats!

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