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He who scraps...2

Still not time for much, just an update on my brother-in-law who scraps. If you didn't get the skinny, please read here. Anyways, last night hubby and I went out to dinner with said brother, his wife and son. At the end of the evening, I gave him a little goody-bag, complete with a past issue of Legacy, some scalloped edge scissors, some letter stickers and word stickers (I was going for cheesy on the stickers, but didn't really find anything too bad). I had picked out some CHEESY paper at Michaels, which the dumb checkout guy didn't hand to me and dumb me didn't realize it until I got home...Oh, well.

What's funny is, hubby said that bro-in-law really appreciated the goodies. I didn't believe him, but he insisted. Hubby says that he thinks his brother will definitely read the mag, and will use the stuff....Hmmm...let's see if he puts them to good use! :)

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