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Good Times at Artfest Day 1


Well, after two weeks of not writing (almost three!) I figured it was about time. I just got back from Artfest Sunday night and am STILL tired! But SO inspired! Here's how my trip went...

Day 1:

My friend, Kath, and I flew from Phoenix to SeaTac. Of course, while waiting for our plane in Phoenix, we bumped into two fellow Artfesters whom we've known for a while. It was nice to sit and chat with them before boarding. We landed in Seattle without much hulabaloo (last year we flew through a thick dark cloud that produced hail and some say, a tornado...look out, Dorothy!). Got our rental car and headed out. This year I wanted to head back to Queen Anne to visit Hilltop Yarns, which was closed for us last year. Right across the street from Nancy's Sewing Basket (which has an AWESOME ribbon room), this charming little shop had been calling to me. Also Caffe Ladro for another Chai Tea like I had last year (best I've ever had...so sweet with honey and vanilla...mmmmm). BUT, it was not meant to be. For some reason, my navigational skills were not quite in check this trip. Couldn't find Queen Anne! I was mad, but we decided to head for the ferry. Kath was worried we'd have to wait for the next one because the lines were full, but we were the VERY last car on! Yipee!

Once we got to Bainbridge, we headed straight for Winslow Way, lunch and then Churchmouse Yarns & Teas. In this shop, I am like a kid in a candy store. I had brought "The Happy Hooker" with me to try to catch on more to crochet and I've been knitting, so I do have something to do with what I actually buy. The displays are so lovely, there are so many colors and everything looks so yummy! I carried a bunch of yarns, mags and patterns in my basket, but for a while, Kath was talking it off, saying she didn't need to spend the dinero. Peer pressure got in the way. She caved! Of course, it was all my fault. She kept saying she really wanted to knit a shawl, and I said "Awww, come on, just get the stuff, we only come here once a year!" (I'm wicked, aren't I?) So, too much money later, Kath and I headed over to the Bainbridge Arts Center because she just had to have a raven (or crow) sculpture she had seen there last year. Paybacks are hell, because I saw a sweet little flowered clay pitcher in the window. After MORE money spent, we headed off to Port Townsend! Enough spent on Winslow Way!! Here's a lame scan of some of my purchases at Churchmouse:


Once we got into Port Townsend, we headed right for The UPS Store. We had both shipped supplies and this year, Kath was vending at the show Friday, so she had more stuff than usual. I had shipped two boxes, one flat for paper, the other a small box with paints, glues, etc. I actually packed pretty light this year, which is a major improvement for me! I took them out to the car while Kath waited for her box. She had it shipped from a UPS store near her and the guy packed it for her. I went back into the store to see if she needed any help. Boy, did she ever! The box was so gargantuan that we both had to carry it! I wish I had had my camera...I couldn't stop giggling all the way to Fort Worden...The look on her face when the woman at the store carried it out to us...WHAT was that man at the UPS store thinking?!! And Kath had jewelry to sell, so the box was WAY too large anyway. CRAZY. We could BARELY get it into the back seat. And the trunk was OUT of the question!

Now by this point, I was running on pure adrenaline. After working day and night for the last two weeks to satisfy my clients' needs, I was exhausted. I had been existing in a panicked frenzy for quite a while and felt spent. But good times were yet to come and I KNEW it was all worth it...


Once at Fort Worden, we checked in to get all our stuff, room keys, goodie bag, etc. Teesha and Tracy always treat the attendees so well! This year, we got a little clear bag with soap, shampoo, a first aid kit, all with Artfest labels! TOO fun! And an Artfest doll we could decorate, a mirror and a hot water bottle...man, those two are clever!

After LUGGING our stuff into the dorm (Yes, Kath's box was ridiculous! But it paid off for her since we didn't have desks in our dorm rooms...she used it as a table. That was how big it was...) :) we got settled, then headed to dinner at The Commons. The first year we attended, The Commons didn't exist; it was just a little box of a dining hall in the middle of campus. And the food wasn't that great then...but now, it's a VAST improvement...The Commons is a wonderful facility with a sitting area and fireplace and a HUGE dining hall that can be partitioned off. Once we gobbled down dinner, the trading frenzy began. Now, I had a great trading experience, except for ONE person. I didn't get her name, but I was pretty offended. I had some great trades, if I do say so myself.  I pulled out some typewriter key earrings for this girl and another girl was trading with her as well. She only had two trades left. She looked at me, looked at the other girl and said "Hmmm...I only have two more trades and then I'm out, so eenie-meenie, miny, moe" and she selected the other girl's trade over mine! NOT good trading etiquette. I turned away and she said "Oh, that's bad of me" and kinda laughed, and I said as I was leaving, "YES, it was!" I couldn't believe it! Snubbed while trading!!! Hhmph!

Once the snubbing occurred, I was done with trading. I had only a couple more left anyway. But when you're out, you're out. You don't make it seem like you just HAVE to hang on to one more trade while two people are standing there, eagerly awaiting to trade with you. Not good... I DID get some wonderful trades, though...many ephemera packs, which I really like because I can use them later. And the thing I like most about trading is the introductions, the getting to know people and chatting it up...The excitement begins to boil over...

BTW: during dinner, I did find my Artfest bud, Joan of Art. (Joan and I met during trading the first night two years ago and then had two classes together.) Joan's a great cheerleader. When I learned at dinner this year that my class the next day would also be attended by her, I relaxed...We both had signed on this year for Diane Culhane's Between Speech and Silence, and were both a bit nervous. I'm better knowing that I have a good friend by my side when I'm that anxious...(More on that later.)

After trading and dinner, Kath and I wandered over to the Pavilion for the opening night session and a speech from cutie-patooty Michael deMeng. He's awesome! His work is incredible and he's very inspiring. After that, we were EXHAUSTED! Headed back to the dorms for a good night's sleep...

First day of class will be written about in my next entry! Stay tuned!

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