Dawn DeVries Sokol


Good-bye, President Bartlet

I'm in mourning today. I will miss The West Wing...I know that once John Spencer passed away, the cast and crew probably just didn't feel like continuing, but after watching the series finale last night, I was curious to see how the new administration would work. Why couldn't they at least try one more season?

As hubby said, Jimmy Smits must be a jinx. Almost every show he's appeared on has been basically cancelled soon after his joining. But Jimmy as President Santos? Sign me on to the election campaign...I would've volunteered.

Now TV is a wasteland of really bad reality shows that just keep getting worse...Maybe Studio 60 this fall will be good...But too many really good cast members...somebody will exit quickly, I'm sure.

I find it interesting, though, that The West Wing premiered on TV during a real-life Democratic administration and is now being cancelled during a real-life Republican administration. Hmmm...

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