Dawn DeVries Sokol


This is the blank canvas...

Pretty sad, huh? This is the room in which I will be combining my studio and office. It has looked MUCH better than this in the past, but last week the A/C guy came and fixed the circulation to the room. Hubby moved everything off the art table to the right (which you can't see) so that the A/C guy could put a vent above the table and not destroy anything on it. Hence, all the crap on the floor. This room is actually one of the coolest rooms in the house now! Hubby and I just couldn't believe it. The A/C guy improved the balance of the cooling throughout the house...major step! Best money I've spent in a long time!

So, late next week I will start to plan out everything, from paint color to furniture organization to what stays and goes. I need to get the screen guy to come over and do an estimate so that we can get those REALLY dark screens for the windows. New window treatments, new floor, new closet doors because the ones we have right now in there are mirrors, yuck! Yes, I like the light in the room but I also have to cut down a little of it because it's a southwest facing room...Eventually, I want to have half of the closet organized so I have shelves in there, too. Yayy!

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