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Time to purge

I was measuring furniture last night to make sure that everything would fit into my new office/studio and came to a dreadful conclusion: I'm probably going to have to get rid of my big bookcase. It just won't fit in the room. And another dreadful conclusion: that means I'm going to have to purge, trash, pitch, and throw out. From both my art studio and my office. I figured I have junk in both closets right now as well, and I need to merge everything together. Ick!

SO, I will need to go to IKEA and get some wall cabinets that I can mount around the room. Shelves as well. That will help. This is going to need to be very carefully planned. I'm thinking that I'll have a closet organizer come in and do half of the closet and I will have them put in flat file shelves that are adjustable, as hubby recommends. I have so many books that I'm already taking over to the used bookstore, and I will be adding to that pile. I do have about four years' worth of back issues of Somerset Studio that I will need to get rid of. Ebay, here we come!

BTW: Here is the garden scarf. Not a great photo, but it gives an idea of how it turned out. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. And how fast it went! :)

On to other projects....

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