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The Poppet Queen

If you haven't heard of Claudine Hellmuth, you really should check out her work. I've taken some classes from her; she's a GREAT teacher, very generous with supplies, information and positive energy. And her Poppets have taken the scrapbooking and alternative art worlds by storm. She's also been doing editorial illustration. It's been so wonderful to see how her work has evolved over the years...As an art director/designer, I've been fortunate to work with many artists. It's always so cool to see how they grow—changing styles, media, color palettes, subject matter. Claudine has easily and successfully grown with her collage.

On her blog, she has a short film in which she shows her art process.  Check it out! And if you like that, check out her DVDs and books. She's definitely an inspiration! (Also, look at her schedule of workshops...taking a class from her is really worth it!)

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