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Hot, hot, hot!

Whew! It's supposed to be another toasty day here in AZ...Forecasts are ranging from 111 to 113! Ick! These are the days to hibernate...Staying in today for sure.


I was going to take Lucy to Petsmart to get her nails clipped. They've become quite long. So long that I'm wondering if I might as well polish them; they're longer than mine! :) Seriously, I feel bad, but it's so hot out there and she's a black Lab mix. AND, the asphalt is so hot it will burn her little paws as we walk into the store. She's been giving me her sad little looks all morning. She did get excited when I started taking her picture so I could show you how long her nails are...The flash makes her look a little crazy, but it's a better shot to show her nails...what do you think: Blue Denim nail polish on those? Or a bright orange? She absolutely refuses to let me clip them. Believe me, I tried. It ended up emotionally scarring both of us for a while.

Little does she know that she's in store for a weeklong visit from her Grammy's dog, Rusty...Rusty is a buff cockapoo. My mom brought him over Monday to see how they get along because it had been a while since Rusty visited Lucy. They LOVE each other! They played the whole time Rusty was here. We'll see how long Lucy wants to play with Rusty before she  lays down the law. I will try to post some photos of them together next week.

BTW: Catch an all new season of Project Runway tonight on Bravo! I watched the casting show last night and it looks like it's going to be good...the casting show re-airs tonight before the first episode of the season...My friend Shelley is going to start coming over to watch it with me. She doesn't have Bravo. But this week she's out of town, so I'm going to tape it and we'll watch those episodes next week when she gets back...

Have a great day! Make it work! ;)

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