Dawn DeVries Sokol



After Project Runway last night (which was worth the wait, by the way!), I settled in to start reading "Color: A Natural History of the Palette". If you're into books about cultural history and/or art history, check it out. I was intrigued from the first sentence. Each chapter covers a different color and shares the origins, history and cultural influences of the color. It's also a travelogue, documenting Victoria Finlay's expedition to find the origins of color. Finlay's explorations come across in an array of conversational observations and vivid descriptions that make you feel as if you're traveling along with her. Don't expect much on the scientific side of things...she does discuss how we see color but really delves into where colors came from, how paints evolved and how artists and craftspeople were involved in their evolution. As a past student of archaeology, anthropology and sociology (I took many classes in these subjects while studying for my degree in journalism), I'm hooked.

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