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Meet Rusty (and e-bay reminder)

The last couple of days have been very interesting. I think we're finally all getting used to each other. Lucy, believe it or not, wouldn't even stand up to this little guy. And she's twice his size. But she's finally letting him know when she gets tired of him biting at her ears. Hubby has been great about getting the two to play together fairly. Right now, they're playing with Rusty's fuzzy soccer ball. Lucy was getting a little possessive about it last night. Seems like it's going a little better tonight.

Rusty likes to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to go potty. At least he whines loudly enough to wake me. Unfortunately, he got sick yesterday morning at that time. We both woke up to hear him vomitting in his kennel. I felt so bad for him. This morning he got a little sick much later in the morning, but not quite as bad. I think the heat is a little much for him. And maybe the adjustment to staying with us.

He follows me around constantly. Yesterday when I went out to Target and Michael's, he totally flipped out when I came back home. I think I remind him of my mom. He lays at my feet during the day while I work at my computer. I've noticed if I keep busy, he keeps himself busy. He will entertain himself if he has to.

Tonight will be an earlier night to bed. I can't handle this 4:30 stuff. I'm not good on five hours a night. I need a bit more than that! Hopefully, the circles under my eyes won't get too big!

****BTW: Tomorrow is the end of my e-bay auction for two separate lots of back issues of Somerset Studio. Years 2001(which includes the Nov./Dec. 2000 issue) and 2002. Please make sure you bid if you want them...They're like brand new!*****

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