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Post July 4th

Hello! July 4 was a day we just vegged. I like those days. Hubby and I just hung out, watched the World Cup semi-final game between Italy and Germany and made food for each other. Started off with my french toast and berries aplenty. It was so sweet: Hubby said that you can't get french toast as good as mine in most restaurants...Swoon! Later in the day, Hubby grilled: steak, shrooms, roasted red peppers, potatoes and one awesome big salad with raspberries, dried cherries, Dubliner cheese, tomatoes, Romaine, and onions. He knows how to take what's in the fridge, throw it together and make it awesome! Wish I could do that...I always need  a recipe. But I can throw my breakfasts together. I know, breakfast is easy! Later in the day, I worked on the shawl I'm making for my mom-in-law for Christmas...will post pics once there's more to it...

We don't usually like to go out anymore on the 4th...it's extremely hot anyway. Today is a nice change...monsoonal rain and cloudy skies. Much needed moisture. But it didn't make for good pics this morning of my berry breakfast (no light), so I used a Photoshop filter on it, but it's still just looking way too soft. It's supposed to bring a pastel/chalk effect to it...Can't wait to get a new digital camera!

Office/studio is starting to get emptied out. I'm purging to merge both rooms into one. I have a ton of plastic storage bins and other craft/art supplies to get rid of, including my toaster oven dedicated to polymer and my pasta machine. I think I may go on e-Bay and at least try to sell some of my back issues of Somerset, Legacy, Expressions and Quilting Arts. Any thoughts on how to effectively do that?

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