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Bed bugs and terror alerts

Hello! I'm so glad to be home! Hubby and I went to SF this past week. Hubby is still there at a conference, but I scheduled myself to come back early.

Had a GREAT time, but it was rocky. Second morning we were there and we discovered bed bugs! We stayed at the Marriott near the Moscone Center. One bug was on the duvet when I woke up, so I grabbed a Kleenex and nabbed it. Then another, then another. Then found one on the mattress. Two rooms later (the first room they moved us to was a BOX compared to the one we were in) I went through all of our stuff to make sure we didn't take any bugs with us. The hotel comped us that night's stay and comped a dinner for two in their restaurant. Needless to say, I didn't get a good night's sleep the rest of the time I was there! (But the dinner was good!)

I'm glad I made my reservations for an early flight yesterday morning. Found out on MSNBC before I left about the terror alerts. So I shifted some things in my bags and knew what I was in for. Unfortunately, some people didn't know. And that's why it was a pain. But I made it home safely and picked up my baby dog. More later!

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