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I was having so much trouble getting into Blogger this morning to post. Aaaaggghhh!

Anyways, I wanted to post some more journal pages from my SF book. Here's the first page of the book:


I did this page as I sat at the airport waiting for Hubby's plane to get in. The checked things are what I ended up doing....

More to come REAL soon!

Also, I just wanted to ask a couple of questions to all you out there who actually do read my blog (don't think that's many!)...Feedback is very important on this, so please take a minute to comment: (I will be posting more about this subject in the future and why I'm asking for your thoughts on this...)

As far as "craft" books are concerned, what kinds do you buy: instructional or eye candy or both?

Do you think there are enough eye candy type books out there, ie Alphabetica or Spilling Open?

If not, would you like to see more and what artists? Would you like to see collections of work by one artist or several artists? Are you interested in seeing how artists work, their studios, etc.?

PLEASE post your answers in the comments section...you don't have to answer all of these if you don't want, but I'd love to hear any thoughts you have! Thanks!

EDITED: In posting to Typepad, I lost all the comments from my Blogger blog. I did save them on my hard drive, but couldn't import them over. SO, if you have anything you'd like to add, but would like to see other comments, please check back on my Blogger blog: http://dblogala.blogspot.com/ Sorry for the inconvenience.

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