Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Brewing Thoughts and Books}

Many things percolating here in the studio...thoughts are swirling in my brain. (Ooo, that makes me think of coffee, which causes chai tea to pop in my head...I’m off to the kitchen to make a mug...)

OK, I’m back. I’m thinking that I want to do a ’zine of my journal prompts and I know I’ve mentioned that one before, so I need to start working on it. I also am playing with another idea (offline) that will correspond with 1000 Artist Journal Pages—more on that later once I notify the players to see if it’s doable. Someone suggested a while back that I do an online class and I’m really toying with that, too. And I’m also thinking about a Christmas version of Art Journal Fridays. But I need your feedback.

I hear from so many of you that say you like the prompts, but you have yet to start working on them. So I wonder if a ’zine and an online class are justifiable. I REALLY want your thoughts on these issues. If you’ve been lurking a while, please speak up! I know there are a lot of you stopping by here on a daily basis. You can leave a message in the comments, or even e-mail me if you’d like. I won’t bite!

And I thought I’d show you a book that has caught my attention again and again, but I just brought it home a couple of weeks ago. You Are Here is a collection of handmade maps from the imagination. I really love this book! Body maps, maps of the world and even a map of someone’s day (Hmmm...didn’t we cover that in Art Journal Fridays?) make up this delightful tome. A particular highlight is a map by Sara Fanelli (one of my all-time fave illustrators) from the children’s book My Map Book, which just came out in paperback. (I think I need to order that one!) Some of the maps aren’t extremely well reproduced...they could be a bit larger to show details, but overall, You Are Here is a must-have for you doodlers and cartographers out there!

And if you haven’t picked these up yet, check out Journal Revolution by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, authors of Visual Chronicles. Yeah, I know, it’s everywhere but I just had to add my two cents. Once again, the seesters have produced a fun, project-filled, inspiring guide to journaling. Love the faux photobooth strips! I need to try that... Also, The Art of Personal Imagery, a beautiful book by first-time author Corey Moortgat. I’ve always LOVED her work, so this book is a visual feast...You need to add it to your library...many great techniques you can use in your journals. Head over to Kelly Kilmer’s blog for in-depth reviews of these two...

Stay tuned next week for a giveaway...I think you’ll like it!