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{I Hooked, Stripped, Spun and Dyed}

Yep, that was ArtFiberfest. And it was so FUN! A much smaller group than Artfest. We were about 80 people. But there were quite a few I got to see a lot and that made me happy: Nanci Drew, Lisa Engelbrecht (who I’m designing a book for!), Pam Garrison, Syd McCutcheon, Mary Stanley, Tracie Lampe, Alma Stoller, Candice Elton (who I’ve designed books for!), Suzanne Simanaitis, Byrd....I could go on and on. I was also glad to spend a little time with Tracie Lyn Huskamp, who is so adorable! It was definitely worth all the $$ I spent...(the rental car cost really pissed me off. But that’s so secondary, right?)

When I got into Seattle, I headed straight for Daniel Smith to buy some more of their watercolors. Then I headed to Salumi, a great cured meats place in downtown that Hubby wanted me to visit. I didn’t get to order meats there to ship home because they want you to call in those orders. And I could see why. The line was out the door at lunch, with everyone ordering sandwiches. I got a hot container of the day’s pasta: Penne with Lamb Ragu (it’s making me hungry just thinking about it) and headed for the ferry, where I devoured most of the pasta and cherished every bit of it. Yes, it was THAT good!

Once off the ferry, I drove straight to Port Townsend. I didn’t even stop at Churchmouse Yarns...I knew I would spend unnecessary funds. Trees of gold lined the highway and I felt giddy as I cranked up the radio (107.7 The End; Seattle’s cool grunge/punk station)...I got into Port Townsend and went straight to Safeway, where I loaded up on Coke, water and hair spray, drove up to Fort Worden, checked in and made my way to dorm 225, where I got the BIGGEST room I’ve ever had there! It should have been a shared room, but it was just me, and I had an awesome view of the field and water (images to the right and left)...I REALLY lucked out! There was a desk in front of the window and I spread out my journaling supplies there...

Img_1000The next day I took Mary Stanley’s Home Hookin’ class, where I sat with Nanci Drew and Pam Garrison...EVERYONE in the class was so fun...we laughed and talked as we hooked. The hooking jokes ran amok, of course. Mary was SO generous with supplies and info. Her work is just beautiful... The photo is of a pumpkin she hooked and Pam Garrison snatched up! LOVE it!

Img_1007Later that evening, we had a slideshow of some of the teachers’ studios, which was cool. And when everyone got back to the dorm, a bunch of us sat and chatted for a while...some worked on the day’s projects.
Shown below is Pam’s incredibly cool house she was hooking...

The next day, I took Three-Color Harmonies with Denise Marie Warner. I sat with Tracie Lampe and we joked and cussed all day. I had quite an incident trying to get my dyed fibers back to my room...Let’s just say, I had dye all over my jeans, a big blue spot on my pink turtleneck (right on the boob), which then soaked into the bra...and dye ALL over my hands. I managed to salvage most of my fibers...a couple of them got a little ruined, but can still be used for some stuff. When I told Tracie what happened, she said, “You’re such a dork!” Yeah, an impatient dork!

Img_1008On Saturday, I took Tracie’s yarn spinning class, which was a blast.  We spun, we dyed, we laughed. At lunch a bunch of us headed into town to visit Edge to Edge, where I purchased a few more pieces of wool for my hooking project. In the afternoon, we sat and spun...By Saturday night, I was wiped out. It sounds ridiculous, but when you work at home and don’t socialize like you would if you worked in an office, constant socializing takes a lot of energy!

Sunday morning I got up early and headed back to Seattle. After a stop at Blackbird Bakery in Bainbridge for a Pumpkin Cream Scone and a yummy Chai, I just made the 8:45 ferry. In Seattle, I met up with Bridgette for some quality time at Kinokuniya Bookstore ( I spent too much $, as usual) and some sushi in the market’s food court. It was so good to see her! Unfortunately, the time with her went all too fast and it was time to head to the airport.

I had a wonderful time in Washington, but was ready to head home. I spent a lot of yesterday just trying to catch up on work and sleep.

Later, I will be showing what I brought back from my trip...and also stayed tuned this week for a giveaway!

Have a great Tuesday!

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