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{Brought Back from AFF}

This post is all about the cool stuff I brought home with me from ArtFiberFest...


This is the house I hooked in Mary Stanley’s class...I still need to fill in the walls.


These are the charms I received in the charm swap...Of course, there were other goodies in the bag as well!


These are SOME of the fabrics and trims I dyed in Denise Warner’s class...There were A LOT!


These were the goodies I got for my niece...her birthday was the Tuesday after I got back. The pencils, stickers and notepad were purchased at Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle. The sock creature was purchased at vendor night (his name is Spike). And I went to Staples yesterday and got her MORE journaling supplies!


These were the fibers I picked up in Tracie Lampe’s class...some were in our kit, others she pushed on us to take home! Included is my spindle at the bottom with current yarn being spun...


These are the wool fibers I bought at Edge to Edge in Port Townsend, then stripped using Mary Stanley’s stripping machine. Looks like candy!


These are more goodies...rubber stamps from Teesha, books, pencils, pens and notepad from Kinokuniya, velvet leaves from Edge to Edge, some odds and ends from swappers and our AFF goodie bag...


And who can forget Tim and these luscious watercolors from Daniel Smith? (Tim’s a cartoon sound effect artist...)

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