Dawn DeVries Sokol


{We Have a WINNER!}

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you ALL so much for taking part in the big giveaway! I couldn’t believe the response...so much more than I expected! I did have trouble getting Lucy to pick a winner this morning. She’s not feeling too well, I don’t think. Last night she had the gurgly stomach again, so we gave her a Pepcid as her vet recommended. Seemed to work because she ate some food and finally settled down. But this morning, she’s acting weird again...haven’t heard the gurgling, though, so it may just be she’s tired. So I picked one...

The winner is:


Karin: Please e-mail me your snail mail addy so I can send this out to you!

In other news: The Paper Studio was named Best Paper Shop 2007 in the Phoenix New Times...It’s the third year in a row they’ve won the title and I know why. It’s a GREAT store. Cindy has awesome taste in what she chooses to sell. If you’re ever in the Phoenix area, you really need to stop there. You won’t be sorry!

And speaking of The Paper Studio, I finally went in there last week to take photos of the Under the Covers show that I was part of...One of the reasons was because Mary Ann of Dispatch from LA had asked for photos. (She was part of the show, too.) Unfortunately, Mary Ann’s journals were taken back to her just before I got in to shoot them, so I didn’t get any of her work displayed! Sorry, Mary Ann...But here’s a looksy at what you were part of: (Forgive me, they’re a little orange!)





SO pleased and honored that I was asked to show my journals among these awesome journal artists!

And one more thing:

Some of you have asked how 1000 Artist Journal Pages is progressing. So, I thought I’d give an update...I received the materials to design the interior, so I will begin that this week. The design is pretty much set. We should be ready to go to the printer in January. We’ve chosen a cover, but I’m still waiting for the green light from Rockport to be able to show it here. Hopefully, that will be soon! I’m anxious to put it out there. I’m also getting together another project in conjunction with the book, so once I get that more set in stone, I will announce it here!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!