Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Connections of Life}

Happy Friday to all of you! And you know what that means: time for ART JOURNAL FRIDAYS!


Take a look at the events in your life, no matter how little. They all connect. One thing happens, which leads to another. As the journaling says on this page:

“Life is full of connections. We just don't try to recognize the way things do intersect. Life is a game of connect the dots. Sure, we have some say, we PLAY a part in it. But we all affect each other in some way. We really do!”

Find two photos from your life...and make the connection. Draw arrows. Find other photos that relate. Doodle. Write. Make this page your own. On my page above, my parents got married. A BIG event! That day was an important one. And it led to a little event: my brother and I getting our photo taken in a photo booth. My brother was being silly and I was too young to realize. Little things affect big things and vice versa.

YOU affect other lives. YOU are important! We all are. We’re all here because of someone else. We are the people we are because of others. So take a little time today to find those links. The important connections that make your life yours. It may seem like such a simple thing, but aren’t the simple things the ones that make life so wonderful?

Make it a GREAT Friday!