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{A Brand New Day}

I went to bed last night and during a bout with insomnia felt this overwhelming sense of new possibility. Like today is a totally new day and this month is going to bring many good things.

I loved this feeling. This sense of great things on the horizon. Granted, I did get some awesome news yesterday about a project I have been working on, so that was part of it. But also, looking at my schedule for November, I know that things will START to happen. September and October were a bit slower after the rush of August and getting the images together for 1000 Artist Journal Pages. There was a lull...that’s part of the book biz...it’s cyclical. But September and October are usually difficult for me emotionally, so to not have as much going on emphasizes that. I could focus on holiday projects and such, but find that really hard to do when it’s still 100 degrees outside. Don’t get me wrong—good things happened in the last couple of months. Some ideas really began to take shape, I was in a gallery show, attended a fun workshop by Tracy Moore and went to ArtFiberFest all by myself and had a GREAT time! AND I worked quite a bit in my journals, which is always a PLUS!

Let’s just say, I’m really going to enjoy this feeling. You have to trust your inner senses and ride the rollercoaster.

Tomorrow will bring a new journal prompt...I hope to work on a page for it today!

Make it a GREAT Thursday!

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