Dawn DeVries Sokol



Happy Friday, all! Time for Art Journal Fridays Holiday Edition...I was going to write this post last night and schedule it to post, but I was so sleepy from all the turkey and stuffing I ate yesterday...Hope all you Americans had a great holiday!

Which brings me to the prompt. This time of year in America, we give thanks and eat LOTS of turkey. But if you live in another part of the world, it doesn’t mean you can’t give thanks, too. It’s good to look at your life from time to time and think about what you’re grateful for. I’m turning 39 tomorrow, (sometimes it falls on Turkey Day, which I LOVE) and that’s another time to evaluate life, and be thankful for all that I have. I feel very fortunate this year...I have those I love with me...My family,  my friends, LUCY....My work is expanding and evolving into exciting new opportunities...I’ve met so many wonderful people through this blog...the inspiration that’s out there is enormous and I’m always so grateful for that! Of course, those I’ve lost but I’m so thankful they were in my life and helped shape me...My DAD, especially. Losing him six years ago was so incredibly difficult, BUT it also caused me to look at his life and him as a PERSON and realize he was such a positive influence in my life. I learned how I could carry that on. 


Take these thankful thoughts and journal. Use photos of yourself or photos of things and people you are grateful for. Maybe you’re thankful for a certain color...a gorgeous view, the sun, our earth in all it’s glory! Time to think of all the positive things...we always tend to look at what we DON’T have...it’s time to not do that anymore...You have wonderfulness in your life...you just need to turn on the light. Make it your own and have loads of fun with it...it’s time to embrace all of the beautiful little things that make life special...

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!