Dawn DeVries Sokol


{You’d Better Not Pout}

Hello, kiddies! Is everyone prepared for the impending holidays? I’m not...Must get out to the stores again...must make some gifts and some COOKIES. My niece and mom are coming over Friday so we can organize the production line...I’m also thinking about assembling some jars of cocoa mix...LOVE that idea! Tomorrow’s going to be a crazy day at the grocery stores, etc. and just trying to get everything together.

I’m still working on the Christmas journal...I hope to post a few more pages this week. I FINALLY decorated the tree...Geez, for some reason, I feel really behind this year...Maybe it’s because I AM!

I thought I’d recommend some reading materials (maybe YOU have time to read)...

41tsmrfc5vl_ss500_The Book Book by Sophie Benini Pietromarchi:
LOVE THIS! You MUST. BUY. THIS. This woman is a genius. Really. It’s written for kids, but who cares? Us adults can get a lot of out this, too. The design is simple but fun and lets the collage illustrations do all the visual work. It’s a true feast for the eyes. Pietromarchi shows how everyday objects can be used in collage. She also delves into how to write a story and how to make your own book. REAL fun! Seriously. Find it. I found it on Amazon, but it took a few weeks for shipping. The publisher is in India and you can order from their site as well, which could be better!

Art and Life, Issue 10. Teesha has outdone herself. I received my copy today and I couldn’t put it down, which is typical, but this time was different. Half of the issue is filled with Teesha’s journal pages from Tokyo. She and her husband Tracy just visited there in November. I always highly anticipate this ’zine waiting for me in my mailbox. Never disappoints. If you don’t have a subscription, get one here. Or order a copy here. Teesha also is selling a four-book set of her journal pages. YUM!

Well, I need to get back to the Christmas journal...it’s calling to me!