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{Cookie Time!}


Happy Thursday, everyone! Today, I start the annual cookies. This is a HUGE tradition for us...Mom handed down the family sugar cookie recipe to me... I can't remember a Christmas that I wasn’t in the kitchen with her baking the cookies. Of course, when I was real young, I didn’t help much. But by the time I was 11, I was baking them myself. Basically took over the production. She then just frosted and decorated while I made the dough and rolled, cut and baked. It’s worked as a great system over the years. We also make Spritz cookies with almond. Yum. We bake hundreds of cookies. Yes, hundreds!

Last year, we invited my then 8-year-old niece to help us. She helped my mom with decorating. She’s going to help us out this year, too. Eventually, SHE will take over the production and receive the family recipe. She’s a wonderful help and does a tremendous job.

So, I gotta go clean the kitchen from top to bottom and start the dough. I will also make the almond cookies today and am making some gingerbread, too, because my niece told my mom she wanted to decorate the little men. She’s under the impression there will be no gingerbread. Thought I’d surprise her. I want to have a good amount done before Mom and my niece get here tomorrow to frost and decorate.

Hopefully, I will get to a sample page for tomorrow’s journal prompt, but it may not happen with all the sugar flying today. We’ll see!

Make it a GREAT Thursday!

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