Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Full Steam Ahead}

Happy Friday! The cookies are now in full production at Casa de Sokol. I made gingerbread cookies yesterday, two double-batches of the almond spritz cookies and two batches of sugar cookie dough, which is waiting in the fridge to be rolled and cut into all sorts of wonderful shapes. I was thrilled with the gingerbread because I’ve never made it before and it came out pretty yummy. I didn’t taste a cookie, but the dough, and that’s how I judge. Hubby tried a cookie and gave a huge thumbs-up. He’s the official taste-tester. My niece has plenty of little men and stars to decorate. I also cut some stars of different sizes so she could put a gingerbread tree together. Will take pics when it’s done.

In my next career, I would love to be a pastry chef. It’s so satisfying to see someone eat and love what you’ve made with your hands. I love making the Christmas cookies because every year there always seems to be a story of so-and-so ate all the cookies and so-and-so didn’t get any and was so upset!

Since I have SO much to do today—and I’m sure YOU do, too—I thought the following prompt for Art Journal Fridays Holiday Edition would be appropriate:

No Time...So much to finish up before Christmas! So today, just spill some paint or brush a little over your page. List what you have to do yet, maybe add an image or a bit of wrapping paper or a gift tag...Just some kind of ephemera from what’s been dominating your time. This is a SIMPLE page today. Make it work FOR you!

Have fun with it and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

(Notice I don’t have a sample yet...will get to it in the next day...)

Have a great day!

(BTW: YAYYY!! It just started raining and thundering here...It’s a Christmas miracle!)