Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Catching Up}

Whew! What a crazy two days! But the cookies are out...sent some back to Wisconsin via Fed Ex and the rest were handed out...I only have one more bowl of them to give and that’s to my friend, Shelley...she comes in from London today.

I have such wonderful clients. Below is a gift sent by one of them:


(Hubby ate one before I took the picture. He hummed as he walked out of the studio! He says they’re SO yummy...)

Img_1147_4I wish I had gotten a better photo of our gingerbread tree, but this will have to do. It turned out OK, nothing special. It’s a learning process...next year, I’m going to have a great variety of candies on hand to decorate it. Personally, I think the frosting looks like bird poop on it! (I was the one who decorated it.) We’re going to try our hand at gingerbread houses for Halloween...

My niece was even more into decorating than before. Mom promoted her to frosting some cookies and she took on the new job with precision...

Here are the yummy spritz cookies I make... I managed to find some neon food coloring this year. So we were able to have chartreuse trees. I LOVE chartreuse!


Here’s another page from the Christmas Journal. It’s about traditions. Of course, I commemorated the cookie-making.


And the sample page from yesterday’s prompt:


I just wanted to say to all of you: Have a safe and WONDERFUL holiday. If you can, spend it with the ones you love. It makes it so special.

And: Thank you to all of you who have commented and/or come here every day. Lucy and I SO appreciate your kind words, encouragement and enthusiasm for Art Journal Fridays!