Dawn DeVries Sokol


{To Miss or NOT to Miss}

Hello, all! Hope your holidays are going well...Only a few more days left of 2007! Doesn’t seem real...but it is! So much to look forward to.


Today for Art Journal Fridays Holiday Edition, we are going focus on what it is about the holidays you are tired of OR are going to miss. For me, I get a bit tired of the sweets. I know, that may sound weird to some of you, but I’m a salty girl. I like sweets, but in moderation. I tend to overdose at the holidays. Between the cookies, the cakes, the chocolates, and yes, even the Starbucks Peppermint Mochas, I really do overdo it.

So get out those holiday colors, paints, pencils, gel pens, whatever...maybe some scraps of wrapping paper or holiday packaging, and start to play. Try to make this a light-hearted entry. If you get tired of seeing your Aunt Sue or Uncle Joe, that’s fine to write about that, too, but try to find humor in it. Is it the way your Aunt Sue STILL pinches your cheeks when she sees you? Or the way you can hear Uncle Joe snoring in the guest room? Maybe you’re tired of the holiday music or maybe you’ll MISS it. Maybe you’ll miss the excitement of your kids talking about Christmas. Whatever it may be, spill it onto your page and have fun with it...MAKE IT YOUR OWN!