Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Sunday Journaling}

So many things happening around here right now...But I managed to get some journaling done in the last couple of days...You can tell the pages where I didn’t have a lot of time...



The following pages weren’t based on prompts from Journal Your Christmas...they’re just pages I did today:



The page above has a fold where the red and white backgrounds meet...The paper didn’t fit my square journal, so I just folded it over...

I’m wondering if anyone out there is following Art Journal Fridays at all...I see prompts popping up on other blogs and am wondering if it’s worth doing any more...Please let me know if you’d like me to continue with them...I AM going to get a ’zine together of them REAL soon...But am not sure about continuing them on this blog...I like to ask this question every once in a while just to gauge it...Hope you’re not tired of me asking it...and PLEASE let me know your thoughts!

Hope your Sunday has treated you well!