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I COULD have worked in my Christmas journal last night, but I wasn’t in a very cheery mood. Let’s just say yesterday resulted in my pouting (as Hubby described it) for the whole afternoon into evening until I finally had enough. When someone confirms that you are really fooling everyone, it really hurts. But it was time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. Which, I think I did.

I’ve read on other blogs that there really is a syndrome in which you feel like you aren’t deserving of the “success” you are achieving, that you are just fooling those around you into thinking you are good at what you do. But I never thought that anyone would actually confirm it, ya know? I guess I need to find a way around this, to keep plodding along, as it were. I originally posted about this last night, then deleted the post a half hour later, worried about what you all might think of it. It’s interesting how a few hours will allow the light to show through, how the start of another day will set you straight. Time to improvise.

So, I have no new journal pages to show. Thank you to those of you who commented about my “snowflake” page...I really must get back to the Christmas journal. I just hope that I’m in a more festive mood today.

Make it a great Wednesday....

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