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{The Saga of My Bruised Ego: Finale}

Hello, all!
Happy Thursday! I really appreciate all of your lovely, sweet comments. They brought a huge smile to my face and a warmth grew within me...Some of them made me laugh out loud as well...for that, I’m so grateful.

Yesterday I thought a lot about these “hurtful” comments made by this person and realized that there is something to glean from them. Something to learn. The suggestions this person made (and BTW: this person IS a very kind, genuine soul) were actually quite invaluable and yesterday I found myself whole-heartedly agreeing with them, realizing that what this person had to contribute can only make me stronger, better. I’m always concerned about producing the best I can...what this person proposed will ultimately help create a better overall result.

It’s funny that I come to these realizations this morning—this day being my father’s 66th birthday. If he were here today, he would basically tell me all that I realized. So, he IS the positive voice in my head. If this had happened several years ago before his death, I wouldn’t have seen all the good until he talked with me about it. He always found the silver lining. He’s STILL doing that for me. I love him for that.

So, on this Thursday, I’m turning to my Christmas journal and getting my ass in gear. Creativity abounds. Maybe a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha will be a-waiting for me today. Some paint, some glitter, some holiday memories. Lucy snoozing on the studio floor, and my little buck-naked tree in the corner glistening with lights...Rain is expected here tomorrow, which will only help my spirits to soar more. (I know, I’m weird that way!)

Forge ahead today and allow your creativity to flourish. Let go all that is weighing you down, the heavy thoughts that zap so much energy. You are a colorful spirit. You are beautiful! Go out to conquer, prosper and shine.

Come back tomorrow for Art Journal Fridays Holiday Edition!

Make it a great day...

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