Dawn DeVries Sokol


{What I ' ve Been Up to...}

This last week just flew by. In fact, where did January go? It's almost time for Artfest!

With 2007 just blowing by, I've decided to be done with the Christmas Journal. I only had four more days I was going to do and I had the last four pages painted in, but I just can't keep going with it. My mind is on to other things. Spring journaling. Plush. Artfest trades. And crochet...

Yesterday, I was feeling sort of light-headed, so I decided to just hang on the couch for most of the day. Hubby was sweet: he went to the store and made dinner for me...beef enchiladas, which were YUMMY! I doodled. Yes, I doodled. Since CHA, I've been inspired by Elsie Flannigan, whose new scrapbook line is coming out soon. I WAS snubbed at her booth, but I'm still a huge admirer. So I pulled out my big 8 X 10 journal, the one I made in Teesha's workshop a couple of years ago... It was fun just to let go and play with pens...


Like my little Whoville houses? Me, too! While I doodled, I watched the Season 1 finale of Project Runway. I just love Jay.

And this book really cracks me up...Even hubby was laughing...Of course, he said there are a couple of projects in there that are a bit disturbing...But it's still a riot!


And this book, which I just picked up last week. It was first published in Japanese, and now it's in English. I hope they begin to do this with more of the Japanese craft books...


What did you do this weekend?