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What not to do...

An interesting thing happened to me in my hotel room Monday night. I was using the internet and had it plugged into my laptop. I wanted to check e-mails, blogs and such. I was on it for a while, and then decided to start getting ready to go meet with my college friend, Kaylee. So I unplugged the internet access, and RIGHT when I did that, this piercing, really LOUD noise poured through my room. Like, RIGHT when I pulled the plug! So I started scrambling, jumping back and forth, thinking "what did I do, what did I do???" I was FREAKING out! Weird, right? Until I finally realized that it was the FIRE ALARM! Yikes! So I grabbed the laptop, grabbed my messenger bag, my cell phone, my iPod, and my purse, and RAN like hell out the door...there were other people in the hall and one guy said, "This is so weird, I've never had this happen to me before!" I said, "Me, too!" Then I heard him tell his wife, "Hey, did you see that lady? She brought her LAPTOP!"

Yes, I grabbed my Mac. My precious Powerbook, which has my entire career on it. (OK, not the entire career...) But I mean, it's my BUSINESS! I do have everything backed up on an external and always do a backup of all recent files before I travel anywhere. And I do have an extra computer, where if anything happened to my laptop I wouldn't be totally SOL. BUT, come on! It's my work...Also, once I got down to the parking lot and the alarm stopped, I couldn't find my room key. I HAD looked for it before I ran like a banshee out of my room, but couldn't find it. So I had to go to the front desk to retrieve another copy...

Now, Kaylee, upon hearing about this story, said she would've grabbed her laptop, too. "I doubt I would've grabbed my iPod, though..." Yes, that was a stretch. And after this whole episode, I read that handy dandy little map thingy on the back of my hotel room door. I did nothing right. The instructions read that I should take my room key and calmly approach the room door, feeling it for heat. If it seemed fine, open the door and proceed calmly to the nearest stairwell to exit the building. Whatever....

I guess we never really know what we'd do in an emergency... That was the first time I had that happen to me at a hotel.

What would you have done?

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