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This post may not be for all of you...It's about intuitiveness and synchronicities. Some of you may not believe in that sort of stuff. But I have to share:

My father passed away five years ago last October. He was 59. I wrote a tribute to him last year around Father's Day...so I won't go into a whole long story about him. But since he's been gone, I've acquired a sort of intuitive connection with him which I never knew I had. After he left, I had so many dreams about him where I would talk with him, where he would reassure me, save me from drowning, etc. I really believe that after he died, he sent me rainbows as a sign to let me know he was still with me. Several instances I could write about, but one in particular that was so amazing: I was sitting at my computer one day and suddenly got very sad thinking about him. I started crying, then started journaling to him. I looked over at the floor and there was a rainbow of colors on the floor. Now, you'd say, isn't that a reflection of light coming in from the window? No. I checked the window to find the source. The blinds were drawn and there wasn't any actual source of this rainbow. Also, the rainbow started fluttering on the floor and the more I cried, the more it fluttered. I really felt a sense that my dad was there in the room. As soon as I calmed down and felt more positive, the rainbow faded away. So many times this sort of thing happened to me...well, it hadn't happened in a while. Until Monday.

My Aunt Joan in Michigan died Monday morning of a sudden heart attack, just like my father. She was 64. Such a kind, giving woman Joanie was. She was a loving wife and mother of three and took care of EVERYONE around her. She was a strong member of our family and she will be SO missed.

That morning, I had gone to my mom's work to tell her and take her home to get her prepared to fly to Michigan for the funeral. As I was on my way to get my brother from work so we could pick up mom's car from her work, I called to my dad. I asked him: "Dad, look out for Joanie, OK?" A couple of minutes later, I was driving by the cemetery in which my father's ashes lie. I looked over and sprinklers were running over the grass. In that grass, I saw a rainbow. My dad had heard me. I know he will look out for her.

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