Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Stayin ' Alive}

Hello! I am still here, just been busy. Wrapping up work stuff as I'm taking the next two weeks OFF. Yes, that's what I said. I'm a 'takin a vacation! Woohoo!

To the right we have paper packs for trading at Artfest...I've been working on charms, too. Still have a few to go because of soldering iron issues. I changed over to lead-free solder and a new iron and I was having some problems, but have solved them and will try to finish more today!

And we're getting rain here today in AZ. A much needed dowsing, seeing as how it's been over a month we've had any. So we need it...I need it!

I had the insomnia again last night. Not fun. My head was buzzing with Artfest, art and other things. At one point, I got up to surf the Internet, but that didn't do it either. I finally put Lost in Translation in the DVD and away I went! I think that always seems to help. I play a DVD that's so familiar that I don't need to have my eyes open to follow it. Even Lucy had the insomnia. She kept moving around, clanging her jewelry.

Our front door is finally in...and a security door to boot. Now, we just need to paint the door. Hubby asked last night if I was going to paint it red. I told him I would, but he wouldn't want me to. He said he really didn't care! I couldn't believe it! So, we'll be feng shui!

Back door is almost done...Our guy just needs to finish up little details. Lucy is using her new doggie door. I was so glad to see it happen. We went through a couple of different doggie doors. She didn't like the first one we got at Home Depot. It really stuck out from the wall, so it was really deep for her to have to get through and it was a little small for her. So Hubby ordered a custom-made one. We prayed she'd use it since it was expensive. When she did, we were both SO excited! Major accomplishment for our doggie kid!

Also, I have some BIG news coming...stay tuned! It's real exciting and I'll need you to participate. Can't say anything yet, but will real soon!