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{Why I Love Lucy...}

Lucy is my dog. She's a black Lab mix, about 8 years old. We're not real sure about her age cause we got her from a rescue organization. She must have been through some pretty terrible *%#) because she was SO skittish when we first got her. I think she was abused. But she's really come out of her shell...There are so many things I love about her...I'm listing a few:

1. I know when she's angry at me. This last week has been a change in routine because I moved my studio down the hall and I'm no longer working in the center of the house. This has thrown Lucy off, and she's mad at me. I could tell it yesterday morning, because she was waiting for me as I got out of the shower. While I toweled off, I started talking to her. She actually got up from the position she was laying in, turned around and sat down with her back TO me! She was mad...

2. Lucy loves walking down by the lake in our neighborhood. She OWNS the lake. She's the queen. She doesn't even take notice of the ducks or the crane that's down there. She just keeps on walking, scouting out all the spots she needs to pee in to stake her territory. When she sees another person on the path, she ALWAYS starts to pull me more because she thinks they have a dog with them. When she finds out they don't, or it was a stroller with a kid they were pushing, she calms down. She has her buds that live on the lake, and when they aren't out in their backyards to bark at, she gets disappointed. There's a certain spot of the path where we turn out to leave the lake and she tries to pull me away from the exit, unless I tell her ahead of time that we're turning right. And always, always when we go down there, she walks me, something passersby always have to point out...

3. She eats lunch with me. Seriously. I always bring her bowl out to the living room in front of the TV because I eat my lunch at the coffee table. If I'm preparing something for my lunch, she'll wait for me. She keeps coming out into the kitchen as if to say "Come on already!" Once I'm done and head for the living room, she does, too. Sometimes, if I say "I'm coming!" she will run out to the living room and wait at her bowl for me. But she won't start eating until I get out there, too. Although every once in a while she starts without me if she's really hungry. Or mad at me.

4.  She starts to want to play if I start to dance. OK, let me explain this...Most of the time I'll have music playing in the background. If a funky song comes on and I need to take a break from the computer, I'll get up and dance. Lucy gets excited and picks up her rope or ball, which she starts throwing around. Or she'll just jump around with me.

5. She loves to give us a runaround at bathtime. Hubby gives her baths sometimes (today she got a beauty treatment at Petsmart). It's always a big game to get her in the bathtub. When Hubby mentions the word "Bath", she'll run into her kennel, even if he's not prepping the bathroom for it. He finally gets her out of her kennel and then she'll run down the hallway into the bathroom and jump into the tub as if to say "OK, let's get this over with." When Hubby's done toweling her off, he'll open the bathroom door and she'll bound down the hall as if to say "I'm free! I'm free!"

6. She obviously feels naked without her collar. She gets excited when we put it back on her after a bath. She also cleans her "jewelry". She has many tags hooked to her collar and she likes to lick them, which makes a lot of noise. Sometimes she does it just to get my attention.

7. She lays in her pillow during the day, sometimes on her back with her legs all up in the air and her ears flipping all over the place. Hubby always tells her to close her legs, she's being indecent....

8. She's there to comfort in the down times. When my dad passed away, I came home after being at my parents' house for a couple of days afterward. I literally threw a fit when I got in the house, throwing things, screaming and just breaking down. It scared Lucy, I could tell, but once I laid down on the couch, and just cried, she came over and "asked" me to pet her by nudging me. It really helped.

9. She likes to ride to Fed Ex and the Post Office with me. Also, any place with a drive-thru. The girls at Starbucks were falling all over her the other day and she ate it up.

10. I know that if I were ever being threatened, Lucy would stand in harm's way to save me. She's that true blue.

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