Dawn DeVries Sokol


{This House is CLEAN}


Did you ever see Poltergeist? When the little woman psychic got Carolann back and everyone thought the whole ordeal was over...She said "This house is clean"...That's what I thought of Sunday. (Actually, I can do a great impression of her if I suck helium!) I cleaned both bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room! Our niece and nephew brought friends over Sunday night for a farewell dinner...They're all going home after their ASU spring semester is over. So we like to have them over at the end of the "year" for one of hubby's awesome feasts. He did not disappoint: shrimp, beef and chicken shish kebabs, rice, salad, an awesome cucumber dill dip and pitas. YUM! The evening was really fun...The kids are all so sweet and appreciative....

One of the cool things was when my niece said to me how cool my studio is. She had gone down the hallway and peeked into the studio. I then took her and her friends in there and they all oohed and aahed. Very sweet of them. I'm still working on little touches and will have photos for you in a day or two. (The above photo is from my work table area...) 

Yesterday Mom went to the hospital because her blood pressure spiked again, in a MAJOR way. It was her medication. She's doing much better now, thank goodness! I basically packed up my laptop and work before going out there because I had a deadline yesterday for four books! Had to get them out the door. I'm so glad I did that because she was at the hospital for four hours. Afterward, I took her home and hung out there for a while as I burned the DVD with the files. Got to Fed Ex with time to spare!

So many of you have submitted your journal pages, but there are so many of you that I'm hoping will submit, too...Get 'em in soon, K? Thanks!