Dawn DeVries Sokol


{D'Lurking Day}

I know there have been SO many of you who've been reading D'Blogala in the last couple of weeks. The traffic numbers have gone through the roof! Thanks for visiting...But PLEASE, leave a little note so I know who you are and a link to your blog so I can see it. I love to check out other blogs...It's one of my favorite things to do!

Hmmm...just had an idea... This Friday, I am going to feature five awesome blogs of folks who leave a comment on my blog this week. And seriously, I've been getting SO much traffic, so if your blog is featured, it should get some good traffic, too. So leave me a comment with your link, K?

For now, I just want to give a HUGE shoutout to those who have commented lately.

Casey Rivas: You are such a DOLL! I checked out your blog this morning after you left such a SWEET comment! Thanks, Casey!

Bridgette Guerzon Mills: Thanks so much for keeping in touch with me! We met at Artfest in 2006 and Bridgette is such an awesome artist!

Emmy: You create wonderful fabric art journals...Look at her blog, folks, you will not be disappointed!

Carlynn: Thanks for commenting. You have a beautiful, thought-provoking blog that discusses the struggle to have a child...My heart goes out to you. And thank you, for sharing such a hardship...You're a brave woman! I commend you.

Glassgirl: Great to hear from you! Love your artwork on your blog...I love it when artists show their work every post...We visually oriented people need that! :)

Rosie Posie: You rock, girlie! You'd better submit those pages soon! Check out Rosie's blog...I love her art!

And I'm thinking about doing a giveaway: I have a vintage record album that is in primo shape for altering...I'm not going to use it...Anybody interested? I can post a pic if you want...

Go out and make it a great Monday, everyone!