Dawn DeVries Sokol


{It's TIME}

Hmmm...the day I've been talking about for the last six weeks is today. I'm taking pages through midnight tonight, and if you happen to let yours trickle in tomorrow, I won't be upset! But now I'm at the big task of selection. Yesterday, I began to ask myself what I had gotten myself into, was I able to do it....It's so easy to start doubting ourselves, isn't it? My first deadline is June 1 for dummy materials, so I'd better hop to!

With this project, I am once again reminded of how many incredibly creative and talented people there are in the world. So many beautiful pages...I feel blessed just by receiving all of your wonderful entries. Thank you for sending them in.

Now, for something a little less thought-provoking...I have these house-shaped glass pieces that I wanted to make a Mother's
Day gift out of...(Oh, yeah, I also solder sometimes, too!) The plan
was to do a triptych, but I wanted it to be more simple, so I stuck
with two "houses".


I traced out the glass on a sheet of watercolor paper (Fabriano Artistico)  and then proceeded to use those as templates for the collage. Above is the full sheet with the completed collages. (Sorry about the quality of the photos, I can't seem to stop shaking long enough to take a photo!)  All collages were started with a layer of gesso, then an acrylic wash. I painted lines and circles with acrylics. I added images and cut-out words that I had printed out on a coffee-stained piece of paper. Also, bits of text from an old encyclopedia. After that, I doodled with pencil, Pitt pens, Souffle pens, a white Uniball Signo pen, and Caran d'Ache crayons.


This collage contains a photo of my mother when she was a tot. Grandma is off to the side, holding her hand.


This collage contains a photo of my brother and I in the front yard of our house in Michigan.


This collage contains a photo of my mom when she was a baby with my Grandma. Looks like it was taken the same day as the other photo of my mom as a baby...


This collage has a photo of my brother and I with my mom the day
we were leaving Michigan to move to Arizona. My mom hates this photo of
her. But as I told her, it was an incredibly transitional day for all
of us. I'm the only one smiling. Funny, because I'm usually snarling in
all my other photos.


This is a photo (again, sorry about the quality...other photos of the collage are more true to color) of the completed project ...well, one side of it anyways...

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!