Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Deadlines and non-working e-mail addresses}

Yes, an incredibly long title for this post...But it sums up the day.

The deadline for submissions for 1,000 Artist Journal Pages is being extended until May 28 on the Rockport site. There are many of you who said you'd be submitting but haven't been able to yet. This extension will give everyone a chance to get them in.

THAT being said, the journalpgs@yahoo.com address isn't working right now. It will take regular e-mails, but nothing with attachments. I highly suggest you send your attachments to dawn_sokol@yahoo.com for the next couple of days...I'm going to try to pull some of those e-mails off that other one...I still have room on it, but the account was suspended for unusual activity...Hmmm...If you have trouble sending attachments to dawn_sokol@yahoo.com, please e-mail me there to let me know. We'll work it out from there.


In other news, just working on some new book projects, some book ideas for proposals and trying to keep everything straight! :-)

Have a great Wednesday!

Edited: If you submitted your pages on Tuesday to the e-mail address I'm having trouble with, no worries. I didn't start having problems with it until yesterday. If you had sent a submission and it got bounced back, send it to dawn_sokol@yahoo.com
I will post on here when the journalpgs@yahoo.com address is OK to send to...