Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Happy Friday!}

TGIF! This week has been crazy, and next week proves to get even crazier...but that's OK.

The journalpgs@yahoo.com e-mail address has recovered, so please send your submissions there. Again, new deadline is May 28.

Here's a journal page I just completed:


So, on to the featured blogs for Friday...These are five blogs from those of you who commented throughout the week:

Photocat: A lovely blog featuring amazing photos...and a recent post about Paris. Too cool!

Kira at Starchild Artworks: Kira says she's always lurking here...I pretty much lurk at her blog, too! But she has wonderful tips on journaling...And she recently got to journal in the grass! I wish I could do that...too hot here now...

Judy Wise: A wonderful blog of journal pages, paintings and Judy's observances...love this blog! I met Judy at Artfest and found out that she graduated from the same high school I did! How wild is that...We're both Jackrabbits!

AndiBeads: This blog is really fun...chock full of quilts, journal pages and other fun, crafty stuff...If you let Andi loose, she'll become "CreationWoman"!

And last but not least, Maryam in Marrakesh: She's an American woman living in Marrakesh...Her site shows the lifestyle and design of Marrakesh...Really cool. Looks like she has a podcast, too!

Thanks SO much to all of you who commented. So many lovely things you said! You made me blush!

Next week, I'm going to give away that vintage record album, great for altering. I'll be drawing names next Friday from those who leave comments as of Monday...Pictures of the album will be posted then.

And I will begin to mention blogs of those who comment, too. Here and there...There are so many great blogs out there! You all rock!