Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Just Another Manic Monday}

Well, with the weekend over, it's time to look forward to tonight when Heroes airs it's season finale. I am SO wrapped up in this show, I can't stand it! I just have a feeling the bomb WILL go off...what else can they go with? Where would the show go next season if they stop the bomb?

On the art front, I've been working on a nifty little project that I hope to show you tomorrow. Also, Hubby installed my idea wire yesterday, so I'll have to show you that as well. New photos of the studio to come soon...I just need to straighten up a bit...and hang up a couple more things. I think Hubby's had about all he can take of the hanging of stuff. He gets really irritated with our crummy drywall...


Yes, it's time to show the giveaway for this week...This is it...a vintage record album in primo condition. The spine is a little shabby, but probably could be reinforced...I'm not sure where I bought it, but know I've had it for a while.




Everybody who leaves a comment today through Thursday will be entered into a drawing on Friday. You need to tell me in your comment what your medium of choice is, whether it be watercolors, acrylics, colored pencil, etc. I will announce the winner on Friday! And I will ship it to you free...

Make it a great Monday!