Dawn DeVries Sokol


{Movin' and Groovin'}

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Well, I have to say, I watched Heroes last night and was not disappointed...I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It'll be interesting to see how they proceed with next season...LOVE that show!

BTW: Yesterday's post has a giveaway...don't miss out! Comment there to be included in Friday's drawing!

I also said I would show some things today...So, here ya go:


This is a clock that I customized the face of...It's a cheapy clock from Ikea that I was able to take apart and put back together. I did have to use clock parts from another clock, though, because I messed up the original ones from this clock...


An updated photo of above my craft table. The little shelves to the right hold little spice jars and salt shakers that have glitter in them...Underneath that is the magnetic strip with tins...Of course, upper left is a TV...I just couldn't do without it!


And Hubby was good enough to hang up my client files next to my desk...I can't do without these. Right now, they're a bit messy and need a good cleaning out. But it's a good way to keep all my paperwork for projects straight.

The idea wire is up, but I need to get a better pic of it...Will post as soon as I do!

Have a great Tuesday!